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Between 16 mm and 125 mm pipes in diameter can be coiled by our Coilers.

Revolution of coiler can be done by torque control system.

Coilers’ arms will be opened and closed by pneumatically.

Pipe coiling is carried out as per customer’s need.

Pipe speed synchronization will be set automatically by torque control.

All the parameters by the diameter of the pipe will be changed by PLC automatically.

Pipe coiling mechanism runs with servo motor.

The coiler arms operate with pneumatic parts.

Coiling diameter can be adjusted.

Digital, Synchronize and Automatic encircling.

-One bobbin or ·two bobbins in line

-Continuous traversing unit provides perfect coiling

-Pneumatic  opening flaps

-Easy and convenient starting of new coils

-Pipe diameters:16—125 mm

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