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Haul Off Units

Drip Irrigation Pipe Haul Off

Drip Irrigation Pipe Haul Off

Drip Irrigation Pipe Haul Off

Drip Irrigation Pipe Haul Off

Haul-offs for plastics pipes with belts made to obtain the maximum pulling force and contact pressure on the extrudate. The lower track height can be adjusted and the pivoting upper track can close the gap right down to zero with adjustable pressure on the product.

Poly-v belts caterpillar tracks with contact surface made up of rubber or special materials or caterpillar tracks with vulcanized rubber inserts, which can be changed over for different profiles.

Tracks controlled by means of AC vector control motors equipped with encoder, which ensure accuracy, stable extrusion speed and reduced maintenance. The haul-offs are equipped with on-board digital extrusion speed indicators.

-Pallets with special rubber pads on chains which do no mark on the pipe.

-Synchronization with the extruder screw speed allows stable production during changing the production speed.

-Motorized positioning of the lower caterpillars

-Simple operation via user friendly components

-Completely closed protection for maximum safety

-All commercial parts made in Turkey and Europe

-Pipe range from Ø16 to Ø630 mm

-High pulling force without lose the shape of the pipes

-Equipped with 2-10 caterpillars according to the application

-Perfect adherence to the pipe

-Accurate speed control

-Hard-wearing, long-lasting belts

-Easy height adjustment

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