PERT Pipe Production Lines

Ø16 - Ø32 PERT Pipe Production Line

Ø16 - Ø32 PERT Pipe Production Line

PERT Pipe Production Lines Features:
- Constant specific output for all screw speed range

- High melt homogeneity

- Low melt temperature

- Touch screen control panel

- User friendly software 

- AC servo motor and drive

- High-efficient gearbox

- Low power consumption


PE-RT pipes (non-crosslinked polyethylene for warm water use) are an economic alternative to the established PE-X pipes. Originally essentially restricted to the field of (surface) heating pipes, the PE-RT materials of today (Type I / Type II according to DIN EN ISO 22391) offer a wide range of application opportunities. Today, PE-RT in virtually all areas of application and the extremely flexible materials provides significant advantages for heating applications.


-Extremely flexible material

-High resistance

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